Wipers are the new era product of modern living. It has become a necessity now a days in use of day to day life. It has multi functional utility properties to handle from sophisticated work to cleaning and removing hard and oily wastages also. After having a wide survey & research “Mazic” found that still a perfect wiper is not available in the market which is technically sound to fullfill complete need and wants of consumer.

“Mazic has successful in developing such a perfect, durable, convenient and trouble free wipers range according to Durability, Reasonable priced, Technically sound easy to handle without getting tiredness, it has perfect 45 degree angle with wide area coverage specialty as well Longer life of product made from vergin plastic and uva sheet that too with best quality metal or wooden handle fittings.

“Mazic” floor wipers can compete and international brand in its category. The domestic “Mazic” floor cleaning wipers are very usefull not only in houses but also in commercial purposes at Hotels, Restaurant, Hospitals, Railways, Airport, Food Industry, Diary industry etc so on.


A very essential but undisclosed need of a house lady till date is been full filled by us with in very light weighted, perfect angle coverage, working time inshort spell, available in four flourvcent colors. Kiti wipers claiming very friendly to each and every houses lady. Thus very popular among them.

Mazic Wipers

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