“Mazic” brand stainless steel scrubber all verities have got very high reputation among consumers and retailers because of its QUALITY, DURABILITY, STANDARD IN DECLAIRED WEIGHT etc. They are madeup of single piece very superior grade chemically treated wires for adding SOFTNESS, RUST FREE, LONGER LIFE, 3 times more DURABLE than parallel products make the Mazic scrubber product ultimate and full of richness hence become cheaper on account of its benefits as well price paid by consumer. Main property of our scrubber is very friendly to hands while cleaning utensils of any metal. Winner of consumers first choice product “Mazic” scrubbers are coming in 4 variants.

Mazic Scrubber (Models)

Standard Pack, Premium Pack, Nano Pack, Dual Pack, Shakti Pack

Note:- “Mazic” scrubbers all models are made up of the same material and posses same quality and utility only difference in their weight as per their utility.

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