After substantial research into house of “Mazic” a versatile Antibacterial cum deodorant liquid, a modern floor cleaner product has been produced and then launched into huge Indian consumer market through retail paradise. Indian consumers are perfect master in judgment and giving right decision on product merits provided product is upgraded from other brands on values of ADVANTAGES, QUALITY, REASANABLE PRICING, LATEST PACKING, wide AVAILABILITY, etc. Company is successful in its mission. More over a tremendous response optioned in Mazic floor cleaner due to its multi specialties like Disinfectant, Deodorant, Insect and mosquito repellent a unique combination as well floor cleaning properties are the causes for good retail/ wholesale, consumer support. This domestic product is not only entered in every potential houses but also in Hospitals, Hotels, Offices as well Defense Canteens (CSD) so on parallel users.

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