About Us

S.ANAND GROUP – (An ISO 9001-2008 Certified)
A versatile group was formed and took birth in the year 1964, Promoted by
Late Shri Mangilalji Lodha at Indore. Later on Shri Anandilal Jain took over the charge and start gathering well educated, trained business professionals, who have deep experience, Techno commercial Persons for developing manufacturing and marketing activities for the field of mfg. of Umbrella’s, Stainless Steel Scrubbers, and Green Scrub pad. Tremendous success has been optained in the begaining year. Also, a great response from retail markets encouraged us to expand manufacturing activities quickly. At the same precious time young generation from family completed their education, was ready to takeover the pressure of work .Entry of Er. Mr. Sanjeev Jain and Mr. Mainsh Jain (B. Pharma) with a great zeal , enthusiasm and modern outlook in Manufacturing, Marketing, Research and Development, Trading as well exports for opening new avenues for the organization.

S. Anand group associate manufacturing subsideries are –

  • M/s, Anand Umbrella’s (An umbrella assembling and Trading Company)
  • M/s, S. Anand Industries (Mfgs. Scrubber Machines and Umbrellas)
  • M/s, S.A.I Brushes (P) Ltd. (Manufacturing and marketing “Mazic brand cleaning products and “Anandam” brand food products)

S. Anand Group aims, objectives and principles was focused on Excellence, Integrity , Quality, consistency and team work to win consumers faith and TRUST.
Thus, today subsidiary company S.A.I BRUSHES PVT. LTD., has been register itself the first, finest and largest manufacturer of “Mazic” Brand cleaning products such as Scrubbers, Green scrub pads, Phenyls , wipers etc as well “Anandam” brand food products like Kesaria Thandai, Kesar Badam, Rose, Khus, Orange crush etc in the organized sector, acquiring a reputation for quality and value.

As time moved on, “Mazic” grew along with it on operation and distribution front. The company was making equally dynamic strides. It was equally recognized for its innovative approach towards product and marketing “Mazic” brand products to create a better future every day in cleaning segment and helps consumer feel good, get result good value for money. Company is a part of everyday life of millions of consumers across India. Its portfolio includes scrubbers named “Mazic- Standard, Mazic Premium, Mazic- Dual, Mazic- Neno, also In Green Scrub Pad, segment Mazic- Budget, Mazic- Large, Mazic- Extra Large, Mazic- Spiro. “Mazic –Pyenyl ,Mazic wipers. In food Product segment “Anandam Brand ” Kesaria Thandai, Kesar Badam, Rose, Khus, Orange sharbats etc symbolize quality, Nutrition and marabous in taste were manufactured and marketed successfully.

Our company S.A.I Brushes “Mazic” brand products are available on One Lac retail outlets across India, per month catered and serviced through 16 C.S.A and 800 redistribution stockiest. This is supported by a sales and marketing team of over 60 trained professionals of different rank. They are stationed at all prominent cities of India. S.A.I Brushes experienced professionals lead the organization professionally in various functional areas of Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales, Commercial, Finance, Human Resource and EDP. Familiar and healthy atmosphere that encourage learning and rewards superior performance has been the Hall mark of the organization.

Ministry of Defense under CSD, Mazic various products have been recognized and maintained regular sales also keeping continuous demand in their remote places canteens.

While to the consumers “Mazic” brand name is a ‘beacon’ of FAITH and TRUST. Competitors look upon “Mazic an example of marketing brilliance. Today the great strength of “Mazic” products is the extremely widespread our distribution network. Company has taken great efforts to create this extensive network. “Mazic” products fame and familiarity is undeniable. Considering its extensive reach the brand “Mazic” is known and recognized by every retailer, wholesaler and every house of consumers.

The begaining of S.A.I Brushes (P) Ltd. small factory was setup in the suburbs of Indore in the year 1997 to start first time scrubbers and Green scrub pad range. As production increased, distribution was amplified, side by side S.A.I. Brushes sales force started with one sales Rep in Indore and some stockiest in nearby cities who multiplied sales fast. Today, S.A.I. Brushes has upgraded and touched manufacturing and supply heights on account of maintaining its quality standard of international level.

Since beginning of the company we have always strived to give our consumers the best value for their money and keep them satisfied through quality of products, in innovation of policy, consistence and timely delivery with easy availability at maximum retail outlets, We believe in smile on the faces of satisfied consumers is our main asset, Thus we always worked hard to deliver the best. We are very happy that consumers have validated our efforts in giving them best quality of products on reasonable price and shall continue to deliver the best value to our consumers in times to come.


  • To adhere quality standard in every aspect of manufacturing right from procuring raw material to packaging.
  • To offer household cleaning products as well food products with promise of total value for money and convenience to suit every income group.
  • To sell the brand and concept, not only products but also commodity.
  • Unique product packaging with excellent presentation.
  • Continuous product development in line with latest technology to match with consumer needs and wants.
  • Establishing a dealer network to spam throughout the globe.
  • Provide systematic and periodical service to Trade for easy availability of products to consumers on reasonable price.